A modern addition to 'Pro Patria Mortuis' monument on Egyetem tér in Budapest.
Jul 19, 2013 More
See more photos on Budapest Flood 2013, Árvíz.
Jun 10, 2013 More
Ankert at VI. Paulay Ede utca 33 is a ruin bar Budapest is so famous for. This entertainment area consists of two courtyards with the beach area, disco, bars and even a dance floor.
May 09, 2013 More
Lukács Thermal Bath in Budapest located on the Buda side off Margit Bridge.
May 06, 2013 More
A bar in the 8th district of Budapest.
Apr 05, 2013 More
Budapest is a relatively young city, built most actively in the beginning of 20th century, which means that many of its buildings are celebrating their 100th anniversary these years. To mark those...
Apr 03, 2013 More
Sport Lada in mint condition, with bells and whistles. Long live Eastern Europe!
Apr 01, 2013 More
A warming lunch for this wintery spring—bean soup at Szatyor (XI. Bartók Béla út 36; Mon-Fri 12-01 Sat-Sun 14-01). Just make sure you check your change, because some waiters there suffer from...
Mar 26, 2013 More
On 15th of March when Hungary was deeply covered in snow, the interior ministry sent text messages to all mobile phone subscribers, telling them to stay in their cars as long as their fuel lasted,...
Mar 20, 2013 More
The monument to Empress Elisabeth of Austria in Budapest. She was loved by Hungarians, and they named many things after her, including that white bridge behind. She had very long and abundant hair,...
Feb 27, 2013 More


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